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Statement of Purpose

Thank you for your interest in BEAR UBC! We are a newly founded student design team at the University of British Columbia for the purpose of developing smart, reliable and affordable bionic technology. We set out to instill BEAR as the premier Bionics Design Team worldwide, helping enthusiastic young STEM minds develop into future Bionics industry leaders. We appreciate your support and will be grateful for any contributions that can help us reach our goal.


BEAR UBC Executives

Project Status

Detailed Design

Currently the team is conducting detailled design in preparation for manufacturing of our bionic hand GRASP. The hand implements an efficient design using linear actuators, force resistance sensors, an STM32 microcontroller, a unique feedback system, all within a lightweight package. The team estimates that manufacturing will start on May, and will be completed in mid July to August, whereafter the team will submit its application to the ARM race at Cybathlon 2020.

Concept Generation and Evaluation


Detailed Design                             


Manufacturing and Assembly


Days left until Cybathlon:

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